Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Villafranche sur Mer

This small beach town is just east of Nice.  It's smaller, quieter and not as touristy as its big neighbor. We set up our beach blanket in this bay mostly because it was shallow and the underwater rocks provided Eden with ample exploring opportunities.  Truth be told, I don't have anything to recommend in Villafranche other than the beach because we didn't stay that long. My older daughter was sick and a full day on the beach just wasn't in the cards for her. But, we did get a good enough taste to know if you are wanting fewer tourists, but the action of Nice close by, Villefranche is a really good option. Nice is accessible by train for just €3.40 in about 15 minutes. 
I love these pictures of Eden swimming--especially this one of her poking her head out of the water.  She loves to be busy snorkeling, making a new friend or hunting for critters with Bob.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Munich Monday: Train Ticket 101

You are new in town and want to head into Munich, but you aren’t sure what kind of ticket to buy.  Well, you are not alone, the ticket system isn’t especially easy and has left many a traveler scratching his head.    There are a couple of ways to buy a ticket, this tutorial will show you one of those ways and which ticket to buy. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Simple Things Sunday

What's not to love about this photo?  Laughter, sun and childish pleasure. This photo makes me smile!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Black and White Friday

I took these pictures inside the Chapel of St. Agatha in Barcelona. The only way to get into this church is to pay for a visit to History of Barcelona Museum.  Built in the 14th century, the chapel is very simple in design, yet I love the curving lines of the archways and clerestory windows.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Time Out to be a Mommy

I am taking a break today from travel-oging to write about being a mommy.  Today my daughters returned to school--many of you have already done so, you know the drill...special outfit, extra time spent on hair and make up, I actually got up early to make breakfast and then photos. Boy, do we love photos around here!  Then it's a mad dash to get to school because I took too many photos.
Well, this year is extra special because my daughter Eliza is a senior.  Today was her last "first day of school."  Today we made our last "first day of school" drive in Germany.   Today was the last time I would be in charge of Eliza's "first day of school" memories. I've taken my last picture of her holding a sign up designating her year in school.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Alone in Monaco and Loving It!

For just €3.40 you can take the train from Nice to Monaco. It's only about 25 minutes and you pass some lovely beach towns along the way.  The kids weren't interested in another "adventure with mommy" and truth be told, I was super happy to have a day to myself to wander, meander, dilly dally and window shop.  

Here are a few facts you may not know about Monaco...
*It is officially a principality bordered by France on 3 sides
*Ruled by a Monarchy in power since the 13th century
*France supplies power, cell service and military strength to Monaco
*Less than 1sq mile, Monaco is the second smallest country and most densely populated city in the world.  
*Most well known for its Casino, Grace Kelly and the Grand Prix

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Four Days In Nice

Aww, sun! I love this picture Eliza snapped on my iPhone, it transports me back to a lazy sunny place on the beach and that is exactly what we were in the mood for this summer.  And thank goodness we got it in France because as I write this post we are going on day 5 of lame weather in Germany.   

From Italy our next stop was 4 days in Nice.  We chose Nice because of its proximity to other beach towns and had planned to use it as a launching pad for further discovery, but once my kids planted themselves on the beach they had no desire to go anywhere else.  Nice was Eliza's favorite of all the cities we stopped at.  It wasn't mine, but it did offer shopping and other things to do when we tired of the beach.
We stayed in an apartment just 4 blocks from the beach. The location was very good, but with no-AC we had to keep the windows open and the street below was incredibly noisy at night. They also didn't have wi-fi which I didn't think would be a big deal, but holy cow, you forget just how much you use the internet for.  Check in and out went very smoothly and the recommended bakery on the corner was every bit as good as it was claimed to be.   I think we stopped in twice a day, every day.  If interested in more information contact the owner at fricero@gmail.com.